Substance Abuse Evaluations

A woman sits across from another woman. She appears to be meeting with a substance abuse professional in Boise, ID. We can help you complete a substance abuse evaluation in Boise, ID and provide substance abuse counseling as well!

You recently found out that you failed your DOT Random drug test. Now, you’re taken off your job due to a DOT violation. There are a lot of worries right now. How much this is going to cost? How long it will take? When are you going to be able to return to work? How many people are going to know about this? Is my spouse ever going to speak to me again?

You have been told to find a substance abuse professional (SAP).  They are the ones that can help you with substance abuse evaluations right now. You can rest assured that you have come to the right place. We know this is a time of high stress and worry for you. Another Chance Counseling has substance abuse professionals in Boise, ID who help truck drivers and those working under Department of Transportation rules and regulations start returning to duty after a DOT violation.

Here is what you can expect from substance abuse counseling:

  • A young man holds his hands up as they cover his mouth in shock and disbelief. This could represent the difficulties of completing a substance abuse evaluation in Boise, ID. Contact a substance abuse professional for a substance abuse assessment, substance abuse counseling, and other services to support you. Professional and prompt help for you to return to employment in a safe and timely manner.
  • Take the time to answer any questions you may have about the SAP process, our role, and what you can expect.
  • Non-judgemental and professional. We will not be condescending, judgemental, or accusatory toward you.
  • A streamlined process so the paperwork is easy to understand and complete. Even for those who are not tech-savvy.
  • Upfront about the costs of the assessment and other expenses you may occur.
  • Respect your privacy and will communicate only with necessary parties.

The Substance Abuse Evaluations Process With Another Chance Counseling:

A close up of a persons hands with fingers together as their therapist writes on a clipboard. This could represent what a substance abuse evaluation in Boise, ID might look like. Contact a substance abuse professional for substance abuse counseling, substance abuse assessments, and other services.

1. Make an appointment with us

We try to schedule you as soon as possible within a week or two. Our SAP provider will let you know what you need to do to be ready for the assessment.

2. Receive paperwork to complete via email

We have made the paperwork easy to complete for everyone, including non-tech people. You can complete it via phone or computer or tablet. If you are not comfortable with this, you are welcome to pick it up at our office. The paperwork will ask about the event and any other related information. This will help us determine what type of treatment or education you may need.

3. Meet with an SAP professional 

Currently, we are meeting virtually and we will assist you in setting this up. Based on your history and other information, your SAP will recommend some type of education or treatment. Your SAP will explain the process to you and answer questions.
Your SAP will not provide the treatment or education. But, they will recommend either an online or local resource. Your SAP will communicate the written treatment plan with your employer and other necessary information.

5. Follow the treatment plan

If you complete the treatment plan, you will return to your SAP for a follow-up assessment and interview. They will ask what you’ve learned if you have remained clean, and other related information. Your employer will be notified that you have completed the treatment as recommended by the SAP. Then, the SAP will provide your employer with a testing plan.

The current cost for this is $600.00. It is payable at the first visit. We do not offer payment plans. We accept credit cards and cash.

Get a Substance Abuse Evaluations in Boise, ID With Another Chance Counseling

A smiling woman extends her hand for a handshake. This could represent a substance abuse professional meeting with a client. We can help you complete a substance abuse evaluation, dui evaluation, and provide mental health services. Contact us & learn more about substance abuse counseling today!

Are you ready to start the return to duty process for a DOT evaluation and return to the workforce? Our Boise, ID-based counseling practice can help you start working again. A substance abuse professional would be happy to help you return to the workforce. If you are ready to start a substance abuse evaluation, follow these simple steps:
  1. Contact Another Chance Counseling to schedule a free 15-minute consultation
  2. Meet with a caring substance abuse professional
  3. Return to duty and enjoy making a living

Other Services Offered with Another Chance Counseling

Substance abuse evaluations are not the only service we offer from our Boise, ID-based counseling practice. In addition to substance abuse evaluations, we also offer mental health services including counseling for families impacted by substance abuse, and substance abuse counseling. We also offer ADHD treatment, counseling for teens, couples, trauma counseling, depression counseling, and counseling for anxiety. For further information, feel free to visit our FAQ, or read our blog!

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