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Depression Counseling

You woke up again feeling so sad and so bleak. You wonder what is the point of getting up and getting dressed and going to work. Having to interact with people takes all the energy you can muster. But not interacting with people makes you feel very lonely. You feel stuck.

Your mind is full of negativity.

You beat yourself up in your busy and churning mind. All the mistakes you have made. Every bad decision. Every failed venture. You try to be more positive but can’t really find anything to feel positive about.

You live in a world of grayness.

Sometimes this big gray cloud just comes over you. And at that point all you want to do is get away and be alone. But then being alone makes you lonely again. Sometimes the only relief is sleep. You know you should exercise or at least do something but that seems overwhelming so you don’t do that. And then you beat yourself up over that.

You are afraid this sadness will never end.

You are starting to feel scared that you will be stuck in this sad place forever. It seems like now it can be days or weeks when you are under this gray cloud of sadness and hopelessness. You don’t want to feel like this anymore. You certainly don’t want to live the rest of your life like this. You want to change. You want to feel present. You want to experience happiness. You want to connect with people.

We help people who want to move away from a life ruled by depression.

We do this by providing you excellent and up to date interventions and strategies that help address and change negative self talk, help increase your motivation, provide you with strategies to connect with people and give you tools to create a life with purpose and meaning. We will help you sort out what is happening in a compassionate and understanding way, and you will never feel shamed or slighted. Sessions will have movement, and purpose and you should start to notice change quickly. We will use interventions that we have learned in our 20 plus years as therapists to help you find purpose, meaning and hope.

With depression counseling you will find yourself connecting with people again. You start to enjoy getting up and completing items off your do list. You start doing things that bring you pleasure and enjoyment. The big gray hovering cloud fades away replaced by clearness about your purpose and a life full and meaningful.

If you are ready to move from sadness and fear, to clarity and hope please call us at 208-321-5538 or click below to discover how depression therapy can help bring satisfaction and connection back to your life.