A myriad of problems can creep up and add to the normal challenges that day to day living can bring. Your relationships are faltering. Depression and anxiety are causing you to become consumed with negative thoughts. Alcohol and drug use of a family member are causing sleepless nights. Left unchecked these problems can grow and leave you feeling overwhelmed and despondent.

We are a team of experts who help people move from the confusion and hopelessness that life can bring into clarity and hope. Through therapy and using scientifically based interventions including EMDR, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy we have helped individuals find release and improvement from depression and anxiety…

At Another Chance Counseling we believe in making our counseling accessible and available to those who need it. In order to do so we accept multiple insurances including Medicare and Medicaid. We make sure that we offer the right kind of services you need and if we don’t then we are glad to provide you appropriate referrals. We provide a safe and compassionate space where you can be free to be honest about the challenges in your life and live with purpose, meaning and hope.

If you are ready to move from sadness and fear, to clarity
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Suzanne Buchanan, LCSW

Wanda Wilson, LMSW

Stephanie Witt, LPC

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