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Counseling for family and partners impacted by substance misuse.

Has Substance Use or Alcohol Taken Over Your Family Member’s Life?

That familiar tingly sensation is back. It used to be harder to know when your child, spouse, or sibling was drinking or using. Now, it is like you are psychic. Or, maybe they are just getting worse at hiding it. You know all the signs and the tricks and you know what is happening- you just wish there was a way to stop it.

How do you talk to someone who doesn’t want to hear it?

You have tried to talk about it with them, but this only seems to create conflict. They just get annoyed with you, and tell you they don’t have a problem, or they shut you out and refuse to talk at all. You want to help them, but they won’t let you.

You worry about what will happen to them.

You worry they will lose their job. Or worry they will get a DU Ior that they will go to work drunk or high and will get fired. You are afraid that their loved one will leave them. You’re worried they will injure themselves. It is starting to keep you up at night. You are constantly on high alert wondering when things are going to blow up.

You have nobody to talk to.

You feel embarrassed and self conscious about talking about it to friends and family. You fear they will be judgmental and critical. You don’t want them to judge your loved one- but you also don’t want them to blame you. You’ve truly done the best that you can.

You are at a loss but you know your loved one needs help.

We help family members who feel scared and powerless about a loved one’s misuse of alcohol or drugs.

You will learn strategies and coping skills to manage the anxiety and stress. I provide a safe and nonjudgmental place to explore and process what is happening to you and your loved one.  We use the CRAFT approach, which is a combination of strategies including motivational questioning, healthy communication skills, setting boundaries when needed.  

We will work together to find a way to best communicate with your loved one so they don’t shut you out or get angry. I will also provide you with helpful resources located in the community should you need or want them.

We will help you sort out what is happening in a compassionate and understanding way, and you will never feel shamed or slighted.

My clients report that they have specific tools that give them hope and a roadmap for navigating the world of substance addiction. They have a better understanding of what they can do and what is available to them and how they can help their family members.

If you are ready to move forward from anxiety and uncertainty to relief and hope, please call us at 208 321-5539 or email us at

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