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DUI Evaluations

DUI Evaluations:

Another Chance Counseling provides DUI Evaluations for client's who face charges in Ada and Canyon County. 

We realize that receiving a DUI is a serious event in your life. You may be feeling very frightened, embarrassed and overwhelmed. You can feel confident that you have come to the right place. Another Chance Counseling will assist you as needed in completing this process and work with your attorney as needed.  

A DUI Evaluation will frequently be ordered by the court after you have received a DUI.  A DUI evaluation will be done through tele-health and will generally take one -two hours. This purpose of this assessment is to provide the court information on your history, alcohol use, and what type of treatment would be most beneficial. 

Here is what you can expect:

  • Professional and prompt communication.  
  • All questions answered as needed.  
  • Nonjudgemental and professional . We will not be condescending, disrespectful or accusatory toward you. 
  • We will advise you what you need so the DUI Evaluation can be completed and submitted in a prompt matter. 
  • Respect your privacy and only communicate with necessary parties. 

The DUI Evaluation Process with Another Chance Counseling:

1.  Make an appointment with us. 

We try to schedule you as soon as possible, usually within a week or two.  

2.  Receive paperwork via e-mail, complete and send back to us. 

We have tried to make this as simple as possible, even for those who are not tech savvy.   If you need help, you can call us and we will walk you through the process. 

3.  You will need to be able to provide specific information about the incident such as the BAC and more.  

We will work with you or your attorney to obtain a copy of the police report. 

4.  Meet with our DUI Professional

Currently we are meeting virtually and we will assist you in setting this up.  Our virtual meetings are highly secure and done through our portal.  This makes doing the evaluation convenient, secure and relatively easy. 

5.  Your DUI evaluation will generally be sent to your attorney and a copy will be forwarded to you.  

COST:  $225.00  This is due at the time of service.  This does not include any recommended treatment or education.  We do not bill insurance companies for DUI evaluations. 

Other Services Offered with Another Chance Counseling

Substance abuse evaluations are not the only service we offer from our Boise, ID-based counseling practice. In addition to substance abuse evaluations, we also offer mental health services including counseling for families impacted by substance abuse, and substance abuse counseling. We also offer ADHD treatment, counseling for teens, couples, trauma counseling,depression counseling, and counseling for anxiety

For further information, feel free to visit our FAQ, or read our blog!